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Guam’s Continuum of Care System

Outreach / Assessment

Sanctuary, Inc.

Dept of Public Health & Social Services

Catholic Social Service

Dept of Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Guma Mami, Inc.

Dept. of Integrated Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Salvation Army

Guam Developmental Disabilities Council


Permanent Housing

GHURA – Public Housing

GHURA – Section 8

Guam Housing Corporation - Home Loans

GHC – Rental

Habitat for Humanity



Emergency Shelter

Transitional Housing

Sanctuary, Inc.

Sanctuary, Inc. – Transitionalm
Living Program

CSS – Guma San Jose

CSS – Liheng Program

CSS – Guma Sagrada

CSS - Caridad

CSS – Alee Shelters

Guma Mami, Inc. – Mary Clare Home

DMHSA – Acute Care Unit

DMHSA – Guma Ifil


The Salvation Army – Lighthouse Recovery Center


Permanent Supportive Housing

CSS – Elderly Housing

Guma Mami, Inc. – Independent Group Home


Supportive Services

Sanctuary, Inc.

The Salvation Army



Guma Mami, Inc.

Dept. of Labor – One Stop Career Center

Victims Advocates Reaching Out

Agency for Human Resources Dev.


Guam Mass Transit

Dept. of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Guam Legal Services

Coral Life Foundation

Guam Developmental Disabilities Council

Guam University Affiliated Program

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