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FSS Photo Gallery

Ms. Michele Quichocho and her family began the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program in February 2010. She and her husband, Jo, have four young children. On her Individual Training and Services Plan, Ms. Quichocho wrote that her final goal was to become a homeowner. Since 2010, she and her family have worked diligently to achieve this goal. Michele and Jo have also been able to hold a full-time job. Five years later, they can now afford to purchase their own home. Ms. Quichocho saved $7,686.02 in her escrow account. Through determination and perseverance, this amount is enough to put a down payment on their dream home in Santa Rita. Congratulations, Michele and the Quichocho Family!

Michele Quichocho (left) and Mr. Michael Duenas, GHURA’s Executive Director (right)

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